Prenatal Massage in Winter Park Colorado


Service Prices

75 minutes – $115
90 minutes – $140


the best prenatal massage services in winter park colorado

Recommended For

Mothers in their 2nd trimester
Relief for lower back stress
Relief for neck stress
Relief for shoulder stress



Prenatal Massage Services From Body Kneads Massage and Pilates

The Best Prenatal Massage in Winter Park Colorado

Prenatal massage is a massage for mother and baby. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. Prenatal massage provides many of the benefits of regular massage but focuses on the changing body of the pregnant woman. Carrying the extra weight of the baby can lead to stress on your low back, neck and shoulders, as well as softening of the ligaments of the pelvis. Prenatal massage can address these issues and help you feel more comfortable in your ever changing body.

Prenatal massage is contraindicated in the first trimester, so please wait till you have entered your second trimester. I work with my mothers to be in side lying position bolstered with many pillows to almost simulate fetal position. This is a very comfortable position to lie in and makes getting into areas such as the hips, shoulders and low back very easy. Not much is done with the legs, since this is contraindicated for pregnancy massage, but we can do some nice work through the IT band (iliotibial band) and some kneading of the feet, which feels so good.