Integrative Massage in Winter Park Colorado


Service Prices

75 minutes – $115
90 minutes – $140


the best integrative massage services in winter park colorado

Recommended For

overall relaxation
stress relief
after ski massage
after mountain biking massage



Integrative Massage Services From Body Kneads Massage and Pilates

The Best Integrative Massage in Winter Park Colorado

Integrative massage is a full body hands on technique using many different massage services techniques to encourage relaxation and stress relief.

You can choose a tiered time massage from a rapid 30 minute session to a 90 minute full coverage session for relaxation and release. I start by placing a few drops of essential oils along the spine and then hot packs to loosen up the musculature of the back. While the hot packs do their thing I work the backs of the legs and hips. Onto the back and shoulders where the majority of time is spent loosening the erector and lumbar area as well as around the shoulder blades. After we are done on the back we flip you over to flush out the front of the legs and work on the feet. Moving onto the arms where we make contact with the shoulders and side neck. Finishing off with neck and shoulders again.

The techniques used during this massage are similar to the deep tissue techniques but applied with a little less pressure. The techniques are, Swedish, neuromuscular, circulatory and sports. Perfect after a day on the slopes or riding the beautiful trails of Grand County.