In House Massage in Winter Park Colorado


Service Prices

Massage in your home is offered for individuals as well as groups in Grand County. Rates vary and depend on group size and travelling distance from downtown Winter Park.

in house massage service in winter park coloraado

Recommended For

Transportation Limited Individuals or Groups



There’s nothing like getting a massage and already being at home when your done, you can roll right off the table and into bed or the tub.

Rates for a massage in your home depend on travel time and amount of people. More people equals less money per massage so group rates definitely apply. Specializing in integrative massage and deep tissue massage therapy at your home, office, wedding or other special event.

I come equipped with Massage table, linens, oils and music. I can also find another therapist for larger groups if needed be. Please think ahead and give plenty of notice for in house massage especially for larger groups. Call for availability and information.