Deep Tissue Massage in Winter Park Colorado


Service Prices

75 minutes – $115
90 minutes – $140


Deep tissue massage is An invigorating blend of myofascial, neuromuscular, and deep tissue for improved athletic performance and work on specific problem areas.the best deep tissue massage services in winter park colorado

Recommended For

Individuals who suffer from chronic pain from injuries, surgeries, and trauma.
Individuals who suffer from chronic stress.



Deep Tissue Massage Services From Body Kneads Massage and Pilates

The Best Deep Tissue Massage in Winter Park Colorado

Deep tissue massage focuses on the structures below the surface of the superficial. Those structures may include muscles, tendon, ligaments, fascia, skin and joints as well as affecting many of the different systems of the body. People who seek out deeper work typically have muscle injuries, areas of accumulated stress or just enjoy a deeper massage.

My deep tissue treatment massage encompasses Swedish massage to warm tissues up, deep tissue to loosen deeper structures, neuromuscular to work out any trigger points, circulatory to flush the area out and some sports massage to increase range of motion (ROM) and circulation. I generally use heat during all my massage but find it very beneficial when doing deeper work. Hot packs applied to the back can loosen up superficial muscle tension so I can focus on loosening the deeper muscles. Although deeper work can be uncomfortable I try to work in the “It huts but still feels good” realm of pain.

If you suffer chronic pain from injuries, surgeries, trauma, or chronic stress issues deep tissue therapeutic massage might be just what your body is craving.