Cupping in Winter Park Colorado

Cupping - Add on Massage Service From Body Kneads Massage and Pilates

The Best Cupping Service in Winter Park Colorado

Cupping Price

$15 added to the price of any massage service

Cupping Credentials

Kamie received her training through The International Cupping Therapy Association (ICTA) and her certification through ACE. She mainly uses silicone cups and the ACE cupping machine. She may also incorporate manual pump cups and/or glass cups for treatment.

Please feel free to contact Kamie with any additional questions.

    Adding Cupping to Your Massage

Please keep in mind that if you are booking a 60 min appt adding cupping to that appointment means we will not be doing a full body massage. Cupping does take some time away from hands on massage techniques so please keep that in mind when deciding how long of an appointment you are going to book./p>

I offer full body cupping or we can do more of a spot treatment.

I recommend booking at least a 75 appointment or 90 min or even 2 hour.

Cuppingis now offered as a add on. Cupping is a negative pressure system as opposed to massage which is a positive pressure system, which means adding cupping to your appointment can leave you feeling lighter and give you a sense of having more space to live in your body.

Cupping pulls stagnation and qi to the surface where the lymphatic system works to eliminate the toxins.

Cupping works at a deeper level of the body relieving pain, reducing scar tissue, increasing blood flow and ROM and quieting the nervous system.

Cupping can leave marks on the body varying in color and lasting anywhere from seconds to 2 weeks. These marks are not bruises but rather staining of the skin. If you are opposed to the marks we can be more active with the cups and keep them moving, but there are no guarantees that the staining will not happen so if you are 100% opposed to the discoloration you probably are not a good candidate for cupping.

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