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the best myofascial release massage service in winter park colorado

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The Best Myofascial Release Massage Treatment in Winter Park Colorado

Myofascial release is a very specific type of massage treatment that focuses on the fascia of the body. The easiest way to explain fascia is if you look at a raw steak and see the tiny white lines that run throughout surrounding each muscle fiber, this is fascia. Fascia encompasses every cell of our bodies from head to toe, you could say it’s the web that holds us together. It functions are varied and complex but generally it creates a plexus to support and stabilize the body’s postural balance. Fascia is a type of connective tissue composed of collagen and elastin so it does not give as easily as muscle so the myofascial release treatment is very site specific and depending on how long the restriction has been in place may take several treatments to release and follow the path of restriction.

Restriction on the Fascial System can be caused by physical trauma, inflammatory or infections process, structural imbalance, osseous restriction or chronic misalignments of bones. The longer the restriction is in place the farther the restriction can travel throughout the body causing a loss of ROM (rang of motion), increased pain and continues to cycle making the problem worse and worse.

Myofascial release is typically a one hour session, it can release fascia allowing proper circulation and freedom of movement to the affecting muscle groups. I usually encourage some type of at home physical therapy to retrain the muscles that have not been working properly to ensure the restriction does not come back and some self stretching to break the muscle memory.

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