Mayan Abdominal Massage in Winter Park Colorado


Service Prices

75 minutes – $115
90 minutes – $140


Recommended For

Reproduction and digestive system
Bodily fluids and energy



Mayan Abdominal Massage Services From Body Kneads Massage and Pilates

The Best Mayan Abdominal Massage in Winter Park Colorado

Mayan Abdominal Massage (ATMAT), otherwise known as Arvigo Massage, help the reproductive and digestive system is an external, non-invasive, manipulation using the hands to reposition reproductive organs and increase blood flow to digestive organs.

This technique supports the bodies natural healing capabilities by assisting homeostasis. This therapeutic treatment has been used for thousands of years to help eliminate causes of reproductive and digestive complaints in men and women. The therapist assists in the vital flow of fluids and energy to nourish and repair the organs and systems naturally.

Mayan abdominal massage starts with the belly work, then the client turns over and the therapist works the muscles of the back; specifically the low back and sacrum area. After the treatment the client is taught to do the belly work on them selves to enhance the healing process.

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